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Monday, May 08, 2006

It's a terrible horrible, no good very bad day....

And it's only 11:30!! UGH! First my girls decided to be nice & let mama sleep in today. Yay me, except when I finally woke up I noticed that they had gotten ahold of markers & not only drawn on the coffee table but on each other as well! So I get up & deal with that, then they wanna eat(go figure. lol), so I feed them. Have to deal with the child support office because that is a mess.Long story short, C's employer is sending the money in but the CS office says they aren't getting it. Since he goes to work before they are in & gets home after they leave I had to call for him. At least this lady was nice this time. So hopefully they have that all taken care of. Then my MIL strike sort of ended yesterday. lol I had vowed to not call her & wait til she called me. Well she did yesterday. She called & asked if we were having a party for R. I knew she would do that. I told her 2 times myself & emailed BIL about it. I knew she would forget but she's an adult so why should I try to make room in my already really busy schedule to call her 2 or 3 times to remind her? I answered as honestly as possible though & said we had it yesterday. She acted hurt but I said well I told you twice about it & when we were having it & also emailed BIL. Oh yeah the other thing. She said well I didn't know if you were having it before or after her bday. Now I told her we always have their party's the Saturday before their bday. Always have, so at the very least she could assume & show up or call. Anyway, then she hits me with well I have been meaning to call & come get you guys so you could come over here & spend the day with us. I know I don't have a car during the week but I HATE going to her house with no car & depending on her to bring us home. It really sucks. Luckily I have mom's van this week cause they are going out of town. So I just said no I don't' have to work Mon or Tues so I'll come over one of those days. I really don't wanna go today but I might just to get it over with. How sad is that? I wanna just get it over with. Oh yeah & tonight is bath night so it would be good to go there today so that we can bathe the smoke smell off us. lol I guess I'll fix lunch & then head up there in a little while. R's bday party on Saturday went great! All of her little friends showed up & they had so much fun. She racked up on clothes this year, YAY!! We have way too many toys. lol Anyway, all went well & she had fun. I cannot believe that 4 yrs ago today I was in labor & had my baby girl by this evening. Wow the time flies! :( My baby is 4!!


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