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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Why should it be OUR place??

Get ready for another MIL vent. lol Ok, so C went over there today to replace an outside bulb for her. He made the mistake of telling her that we went to church with my parents today, which is an hour away. She came back with well, you can go all the way up there but can't bring the girls over here.Yes her house is just down the road, but for the record my parents do come here ALOT to get the girls or spend time with them. She rarely comes here. She expects us to always come over there & that's the part that ticks me off. The road runs two ways last time I checked. For the past 4 yrs(since Rhiannon was born) I have made a huge effort to go to her house once a week or at the very least once every 2 weeks or so. I mean I have a life too. I hate going over there because it's depressing, they are both(MIL & BIL) very negative & the house is always dark & hot. Blinds are always closed & if BIL is cold, which he is alot because of his circulation, then the heat is turned down(winter) or the air is turned up(summer) if it's on at all. My girls take after their daddy & are very hot natured so I don't wanna go there when my kids are sweating & grumpy. Oh yeah & they both smoke in the house so when we go there we come home smelling like we've been in a bar. I have come to the conclusion that I am not going over there constantly. I may drive over once a month or so, but we live just as close to her as she does to us so she can come here too. C is gonna say something to her next time she mentions it. She never says anything to me & he usually just ignores what she says & goes on. I mentioned today that he needs to say something next time. He agreed so hopefully it will be taken care of. I know that I have started slacking off on taking the girls over there but I babysit & generally she doesn't leave til 6 or so & then we have supper & by then it's bedtime. Weekends I like to rest a little. I mean I know it's "only" babysitting but it's very tiring. Anyway, I think I am justified in not wanting to be the only one to give a little here. I have been willing to go there, she should be willing to come here now & then too. I know what her excuse is as to her reasons for not coming but it's a crock. Her reasoning is SHE thinks my BIL can't be left alone & it's too much trouble to bring him with her .(getting him in here) She thinks that since he's a quadraplegic he cannot be left alone for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time which is bull. What does she think he is gonna do when she dies? Oh well, IMO she's just showing her grandkids how important to her they really are. Ok, I am worked up enough about this. I'll stop now.


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