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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Random ramblings.......

This really stinks. One day we have the air on cause it's nearly 80 out & today it's cold & rainy. I hate weather like that. I know, I know, it's typical Tennesee weather. Don't like it, wait 5 minutes it WILL change. lol We have been so proud of our garden. I planted it all by myself the other day & it looked so nice then it got hot. UGH, so now the plants are kinda wilty looking. C got up early this morning & watered them then not even 5 minutes after he did that it rained. haha Shoudl've known. Today has turned out to be a lazy day. We had every intention of going to church this monring, but I forgot to set my alarm & woke up at 9 am by the girls coming int he room & climbing on the bed. lol In order to get there on time we have to leave at 9:15 at the latest. lol So we have been just doing whatever. I am seriously thinking of doing something I SWORE I wouldn't do for a while. lol I am thinking of taking the girls to my MIL"s later! *shocked* Sucks though cause I cannot go over there til after 1pm, since she lets BIL decide when he wants to get up & it takes her forever to get him up. So by then the day is pretty much gone. I just hope when/if I do she doesn't start getting all smart about stuff cause I know I can't handle it & wil either go off or grab up the girls & go. Ahhh, who am I kidding I will probably just ignore her suck it up & then vent on here later about it or bug the snot out of C about it until he tells me to some on here. haha Let's see...what else is going on. Not much really. My parents went to Georgia on Thursday to spend the weekend with my grandmother because the rest of the family was telling them how she was dying & they needed to come be with her. Talked to dad yesterday & he siad she's old, tired alot, just as forgetful & mean as ever, but sure doesn't seem like she's any worse off than she was 20 yrs ago. She just complains more now, which is saying alot. lol I know, though that that doesn't mean anything. She coudl be sick & not show it, which I think she is. We'll just have to wait it out though, that's all we can do. R is getting so mouthy, I just don't know what makes her think she can smart back at me. It's getting so old. I know she is almost 4(which is mindblowing in itself to me) & that's probably par for the course, but it's still annoying. :) Thign is A is following suit. SHe mimicks everything big sis does even the smart mouthed stuff. We are gearing up for R's bday party on Saturday, which should be "fun". lol She has decided she wants Cinderella, but we are having trouble fiding & affording that so she is happy with Disney Princess, which is still Cindrella lol she just has a few friends with her. haha Oh yeah somethng else I thought of. I have heard all of my life that you change as you get older, that things you used to be allergic to you might grow out of & vice versa. Well I found outlast night that it is indeed true!! I have never in my life broken out from poison ivey or oak. I have played all around it, touched it all that jazz but never broken out. Until yesterday & I am not even sure where I got it. I was out in the yard witht he girls yesterday picking flowers & I shoed them a honey suckle flower so I firgure that I got it picking those. It's only one spot on my finger so far. I put alcohol on it as soon as I noticed it & it's all dried out now & not really itching, so maybe it's nipped. Who knws, I know nothing about it, so we'll see huh? Oh yeah....does anyone else have toddlers that woud brush their teeth 24/7 if you let them?? My girls LOVE brushing their teeth which I KNOW is a good thing, but it does get old when they literally come to you 25 times in one day asking to brush their teeth. I hate telling them no but there HAS to be such a thing as too much brushing, right? lol Ok, I gotta go do something or at the very least get dressed. hahaha


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