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Friday, April 28, 2006

Isn't family important too??

I am so frustrated right now that I am about to explode. C called a little while ago to say that he is being sent about 2 hrs away for a pickup I guess. See he works as a courior & after the past few weeks I could never reccommend the company to anyone. Not only does the pay stink but the hours do too & they'll promise you whatever they have to & deliver what they want. Well in the last month I have barely seen my husband, which is not good for a marraige let alone if you are TTC. The girls are always asking when daddy will be home. He is never home before 7 or 7:30 & by the time we get dinner it's time for bed. I am just so tired of it. THen the call today was the last straw. I about exploded & I know it's not his fault. He know s he needs the job so he can't refuse a run or he'll get fired. Since they didn't give him this last run until almost 5 pm he'll be lucky if he's homeby 9 or 10. yes it's the weekend, but that's beside the point. If the pay were decent I woudln't be QUITE as upset. Oh I would still be ticked off but at least it would be somewhat worth it. My kdis are tired of jsut havingme around all day, they'd like to see their daddy. SInce we only have 1 car then I can't get out of the house for a while or anything. I really wanted to run out to the store tonight too to see if I could find anything else for R's bday party. Not likely that will happen, huh? I am happy that he gets the weekends off, but I'd still like to see him some during the week too. I just wish I could find him a decent paying job that he can be home from by 4 or 5 & still be off on weekends. I can look(which I am) but finding one in our area is a whole different story. It just seems like everything you find is just a job & none of them care squat about family. TO them your job should be the number one priority in your life. Well, sorry but for C it isn't. His family comes first which I am glad of but it doesn' t make it easy on the job front either. Sorry if I am rambling. Just have to get it out & obviously don't have my husband here hardly ever to get it out to.


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