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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I absolutely hate running all of the time. It seems like for the last 2 months we have just been going constantly. Whew. So, my parents got moved, we had a moving sale & everything should start slowing down a bit. Why doesn't it feel like it is? lol We had bad storms in the area on Sunday night, but nothing of ours or our families was damaged so it's all good. I caled MIL yesterday to see how they made it through the storms, they did fine, but her very next question has been bugging me ever since. She said, "So, when are youguys gonna help me finish moving?" Now is that any way to ask for someone's help?? I just said I didn't know cause we were still really busy, which is not a total lie. lol I mean I MIGHT have taken it a bit better if she wouldve said, Would you guys be able to help me move or something but NO. It's like we owe her or something. I mean goodness, she's known since Aug that she was gonna have to move & waited until Feb to even find a place then waited until March 15 to even start moving. Oh yeah & she didn'thave hardly anything packed yet either. That's the other reason I don't wanna helop her move. She still doesn't have everythign packed!!! Her house is selling on April 20th & she hasn't even finished packing. How crazy is that? Actually we're not gonna be able to help her before then anyway, we have to travel Easter weekend to see my parents for dad's birthday. So, enough about the MIL. lol Everything else has been going great, thank goodness! Just cnstantly on the go, which I hate. lol Wish me luck, I am hoping that this wekend we will be abel to just chill & "hide out" from the MIL. lol BTW, in case you've wondered we've helped her more than most would recently so I just can't make myself run after 2 kids & try to helpe hr pack &move. Don't have that kind of energy anymore.


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