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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

She's 2!!!!

Well, it's finally official. lol A is finally 2. Last night we had dinner & she had picked out a cheese cake with stawberries on top, so we had that for dessert. We put candles on top & she couldn't wait to blow them out. lol She really enjoyed it. I think she had a good day. She kept looking at everyone we saw all day & saying "birsday!" then when they asked how old she was she'd say, "I TWOOOOOO". Last night after we sang to her she got silly & started singing "happy birsday"to herself. lol I was so proud, she ate with a fork just like a big girl! I wasn't as blubbery as I thought I would be. hahaha. I tried to stay busy though,s o I think that helped alot. We will ahve A's party on Saturday where all of our family & friends will be coming. I know she will have alot of fun then too!


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