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Monday, March 13, 2006

Random thoughts.....

Hahaha, that is the story of my life. Today is good so far. We got the cleaning done in a little over an hour! I was shocked it didn't take longer. Visted with Granny & now A is taking a nap & R is watching a movie. Whew! Quiet at last. I am at a loss right now. My baby will be 2 tomorrow. Today is the very last day that she will be 1 yr old. She is growing up so fast & it's not fair at all. I know, I know, it's life, deal with it. It still amkes me sad though. R is gonna be 4 in a few months & wow, I just don't know where the time has gone. My parent s are gonna be moving away in a couple more weeks & I don't know how I am gonna deal with the changes the girls will be going through. I know it will be so hard for them. THey are used to going to Gran & Grandad's house nearly every Friday night & spending the night & then seeing them again every Sunday & Wednesday for church. It's gonna be a tough transition. I know it can be done, but I know it will be emotional & I fold when emotional comes into play usually. Oh well, suck it up & deal with it. Sorry if I keep repeating that, I think it's my sublte way of trying to convince myself that I can do it. I have so much crap to do today & I don't wanna. Oh yeah, BTW, Dolly Parton rocks!! Ok,s o I normally don't care much for her, but she started a program for every kid from birth to age 5 that live in certain counties get a book a month. Well, I finally sigend the girls up for it & they got their first books today. We had to come right in & read it. I t was " The Little Engine that Could". Both girls just loved it! It's a really cool program too. I have been told that alot of the books they get are Dr Suess books. Hopefully they will get a few that they don't have.


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