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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Quit taking advantage of me!

Ok,s o most of you who read this know that I babysit. One of the girls' mother absolutely drives me nuts. I think she is totally taking advantage of me because if she had to put her into a daycare she wouldn't get away with it. I rarely know when they are dropping her off & exactly when they are picking her up. I cannot continue like that. I also get emails from her like the night before(usually) she needs me & usually it's not asking me if I can watch her but that she needs me to. As if to say, I know you will so I am not gonna have the decency to ask. So, the last time she did that I fibbed & said I was busy. Well, Wed. night she emailed & said she would need me on Fridays. Great, not a problem, so I told her sure. Well, she emailed back & said "great! I'll see ya Friday". Ok, so I have been really busy with my MIL moving & helping her with that so I didn't' realize until about 4 that I had no idea when she was planning on dropping her off. So I emailed her & said "I need to know when you will be dropping S off tomorrow so I can be up & ready. Also I need to know when she will be picked up". Now this is all in our contract that she is to let me know when she will be dropped off & when she will be picked up,so I don't' think I am being unreasonable. Well, around 8:45 I looked at the email & there was nothing from her so I emailed her again. This time I said:"I need to know when you will be dropping S off tomorrow. I hate to be like this but if I don't' know by 11pm when she will be coming I will not be able to watch her." It sounds so mean, but I cannot stand the waiting around crap. I am a mom of 2 very energetic girls & need all of the sleep I can get, so I refuse to get up at 6am & wait til 8 for her when I could have gotten an extra hour & a half of sleep if she had only told me in the first place. Another thing, how do people function like that? I just don't get it. I mean I will call you if I told you I would be there at 7 & won't be there til 8. Not her, I end up sitting around & waiting til she shows up at 8 & says, my schedule changed. Well, excuse me but you have a phone & you have email, USE IT!!! I wish I only had the "balls" to come right out & say it, but that is what this blog is for , right?? LOL Ok, I am still frustrated but at least I got it all out. Now that I have this I don't have to gripe & complain to C constantly. hahahaI know he gets tired of hearing it.


  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger Life as I know it said…

    hey girl you really need to let her know how you are feeling! I would be ticked too though. Hopefully that did scare her into shape! Love ya!


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