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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Make up your mind already!!

Ok, so my MIL is driving me nuts. I love her so much but I am so tired of waiting. She is moving & has told me that she needs our help. We said no problem, we'd do it, just let us know when. Well she told me last night this weekend. Ummm when this weekend. She is not sure. Well we are planning a 'family day' for A's 2nd birthday & I have finally decided that we will plan it anyway because I have never been given a definite time from her. Besides that she never even starts anything til after 2pm. Not much you can get done before dark that way, huh? UGH! She just makes me insane sometimes. BIL is a quad & she cares for him but gets him up when he wants & is not finished with that until after 2. I was supposed to be waiting for her to call me today & see if we are going to her house to help her clean a storage building out. Well, 2:30 came & no call so I came online(darn dial up) cause I was so tired of waiting.It's supposed to rain today anyway. Oh well, I cannot let her get me so worked up. I am just so tired of the indecisiveness(is that really a word??). Ok, so getting this out helped so much!


  • At 11:14 AM, Blogger Life as I know it said…

    Ok two words for you girl----

    Retirement Home----LOL just teasing hope you get her moved soon and get your sanity back



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