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Monday, March 20, 2006

Hectic weekend

THe party went great on Saturday. Nearly everyone showed up. Even my MIL & BIL which shocked me, even though they were an hour late, but that is normal for them. lol A cleaned up, got lot's of cool stuff. R evengot something from my parents. We got it all cleaned up & MIl decided she didn't want C to help her move until Sunday, so we "rested". We got her cat & brought him to our house on THursday. He did fine until yesterday. I walked through the house & smelled cat pee, you cannot mistake that smell. I couldn't find it though. Finally I decided to stop looking & maybe it will find me. Sure enough!! I sat in it, ewwwww. He had peed on my couch. Well, I tried to clean it up but of course that smell won't go away,so I got the bright idea to set the cushions outside(the seat cushion & 3 back pillows) to air out. Wonderful idea except for one little thing. My brilliant mind forgot to bring them inside & they stayed out all night long. Normally no biggie, except it rained all night & most of the day. So they are now a soaked mess out on the back porch. Oh well I needed a new couch anyway. lol C helped his mom move yesterday, they almost got everything done too. They spent their first night int he new place last night. Had a few issues with their sucky landlord, but hope fully they'll get them fixed ASAP! Today was normal, hectic & loud, but overall normal. haha I tried ot potty train A today. She has been acting like she was so ready. Asking to go potty & such. Well we got the big girl underwear & I explained what the potty was for & that everytime she pottied she got a surprise. Well she promptly sat at the kitchen table saying "Prize mama". I tired to explain again that she had to potty in the big girl potty first. She acted like she got it, then a few minutes later(after me asking her every 10 minutes) she walked ot me all bow legged. lol So I took ehr to the potty & sat her down. After she was finished(nothing in there but....) I asked her to stand up so we coudl puton her big girl panties. Her response was a resounding NO! How about sitting back on the potty, NO! You can't run around naked, what do you want?? "A Shipe er", aka diaper. UGH! Maybe she isn't really ready. I am gonna wait a couple of months, still be encouraging if she wants to go, but not push it. After all, R wasn't trained tilt he week before her 3rd bday. I HOPE it doesn't take that long! Have I said yet that I HATE potty training??? I wish kids either came witha button that can make them automatically trianed or something. I have always heard girls were easier to train than boys. I don't know about that, but if so, I would hate to go through that. lol So maybe if she wants to I will try agian later, but I surely am not gonna push her. Hopefully I won't be still changing her diapers at 16. hahaha!


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