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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fun, fun, fun

Yes, I am being sarcastic here. hahaha We went to my MIL's yesterday & wow. We got alot done, no thanks to her, but I guess it went well. Our goal was to clean out a storage building so that tomorrow it can be moved here since we are in need of one & she can't take it with her when she moves. Well, we went through a bunch of stuff & got rid of alot, BUT the blamed building is still full of boxes. We took everything out ourselves & finally at 1:30 she came outside to "help". All we heard was, "wow we can't get this all done in one day", over & over. I was so aggravated. Anyway, we got it all gone through & I guess we are gonna store a bunch of her crap in that building, meaning we won't have room for half of our stuff. Which I guess kinda defeats the purpose of getting the thing to start with, but whatever. I can't complain too much, she doesn't HAVE to give us the thing right? R was sick all day, but that was the last time we could do it so we had no choice. We decided to stay home today to hope she gets a little better.(we're usually at church right now) It's a good thing too, because I hurt in more places than I knew were possible. haha Even my toes hurt. lol So we are chilling out today & trying to get us all feeling better. I am gonna go clean for my MIL at her new home tomorrow which oughtta be fun since I can barely walk today. Fat + working like I did yesterday = lot's of pain. lol Not a good combo. haha I know, I know, I'll live. Hard work never hurt anyone. Oh yeah & it started raining just as we were finishing so my MIL went inside &we finished throwing stuff in the building & buring trash in the pouring rain!!


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