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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fire sucks!!

So yesterday we were at my dads going through our things that are in storage. He was watching the girls for us & yelled for me to come watch them for a minute. A friend had come by & said that there was a police officer at our house because the ditch was on fire, so he & C came home. It wasn't too bad but it did start to go up the hill towards the house. Luckily the fire dept. came & got it put out with no problems. They said because of the location that it was probably someone who threw out a cigarette butt & caught the ditch on fire. Why would you do that?? I mean if you are gonna smoke in your car, it already stinks, so put the thing in the ashtray. That has always bothered me & now I am bothered more by it! Not to mention, as soon as they got our fire put out they had to go not 6 houses down to put out another ditch fire & it looks like it was started the same way, but luckily wasn't too bad(not nearly as bad as ours & ours wasn't bad. LOL) & it got put out fast. If they hadn't already been here it might have gotten out of control quicker. Oh yeah & thank God for the police officer that was on his way home & saw it & stopped & turned his lights on & called it in.


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