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Friday, March 10, 2006

Birthday dinner.....

Tonight went so well. The Mellow Mushroom was so packed, we had forgotten about the SEC basketball tournament being in town this week. DUH! So anyway, we drove on by & saw the Noshville Deli & decided to go there. It was soo good. We told the guy it was our first time there & he was so nice. I also told him we were there for A's birthday dinner. He kept walking by talking about how cute & sweet she was & kept telling her happy birthday. Well, when our dinner was almost finished he walked up & told her Happy Birthday again & sat a HUGE bowl of ice cream covered in whipped cream & chocolate syrup. Her eyes got big & she looked at me as if to say, "is this mine??" I loved it. She shared pretty good with all of us & I kicked myself for forgetting my camera. The picture of that little girl eating that big bowl of ice cream herself was so adorable & comical all at once. She went to bed talking about how she was gonna tell "Ganny" tomorrow about her "pecial birsday ice teem". R loved it too & we decided to make that our family tradition, go to Noshville Deli for a family birthday dinner before their birthdays. I thought it would be cool. So tomorrow we get to get up bright & early & go help my MIL get stuff ready for moving the storage building, then on Monday the girls & I are gonna go clean her new place so she can get moved in next week. She has been sick so I figured it was the least we could do. I should go to bed, but I am not even tired(thanks to a Starbucks coffee. LOL). I wish we had started this birthday tradition long ago because it was so fun!!!


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