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Friday, March 24, 2006

Well I did it!

I told S's mom this morning that I would no longer be able to watch her & why. She was confused looking at first, didn't seem to care as I was explaining it to her & left in a huff & drove out of the drive in a hurry. I feel bd about her reacting that way. I also feel bad that I have to stop watching her. C didn't believe me really when I told him how the baby acted & that I wanted to stop watching her. He thought I was overreacting. Yesterday he saw for real how she was & said no wonder youa re stressed all of the time & no wonder you dread seeing her come & are glad to see her go. Sounds aweful but he's right. Anyway, it's finished. Only 5 more hours until she goes home unless they come to get her early.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

1 more day.....

Whew! I almost feel guilty saying this but one more day & I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! lol One of the babies that I keep will not be coming back after tomorrow. I hate being that way but I cannot give her the attention she needs. I have my girls to take care of as well & cannot do that properly while caring for this baby. As some very wise friends pointed out to me, I am defeating the purpose of staying home with my girls if I cannot give them attention as well. When a child is only satisfied & happy when you are sitting right by them & screams bloody murder the second you stand up you cannot have more than one child to care for. I would have no problem continuing watching her if I didn't have anyone else to watch. UGH! Ok, so that is done. I still feel bad for having to do it.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Hectic weekend

THe party went great on Saturday. Nearly everyone showed up. Even my MIL & BIL which shocked me, even though they were an hour late, but that is normal for them. lol A cleaned up, got lot's of cool stuff. R evengot something from my parents. We got it all cleaned up & MIl decided she didn't want C to help her move until Sunday, so we "rested". We got her cat & brought him to our house on THursday. He did fine until yesterday. I walked through the house & smelled cat pee, you cannot mistake that smell. I couldn't find it though. Finally I decided to stop looking & maybe it will find me. Sure enough!! I sat in it, ewwwww. He had peed on my couch. Well, I tried to clean it up but of course that smell won't go away,so I got the bright idea to set the cushions outside(the seat cushion & 3 back pillows) to air out. Wonderful idea except for one little thing. My brilliant mind forgot to bring them inside & they stayed out all night long. Normally no biggie, except it rained all night & most of the day. So they are now a soaked mess out on the back porch. Oh well I needed a new couch anyway. lol C helped his mom move yesterday, they almost got everything done too. They spent their first night int he new place last night. Had a few issues with their sucky landlord, but hope fully they'll get them fixed ASAP! Today was normal, hectic & loud, but overall normal. haha I tried ot potty train A today. She has been acting like she was so ready. Asking to go potty & such. Well we got the big girl underwear & I explained what the potty was for & that everytime she pottied she got a surprise. Well she promptly sat at the kitchen table saying "Prize mama". I tired to explain again that she had to potty in the big girl potty first. She acted like she got it, then a few minutes later(after me asking her every 10 minutes) she walked ot me all bow legged. lol So I took ehr to the potty & sat her down. After she was finished(nothing in there but....) I asked her to stand up so we coudl puton her big girl panties. Her response was a resounding NO! How about sitting back on the potty, NO! You can't run around naked, what do you want?? "A Shipe er", aka diaper. UGH! Maybe she isn't really ready. I am gonna wait a couple of months, still be encouraging if she wants to go, but not push it. After all, R wasn't trained tilt he week before her 3rd bday. I HOPE it doesn't take that long! Have I said yet that I HATE potty training??? I wish kids either came witha button that can make them automatically trianed or something. I have always heard girls were easier to train than boys. I don't know about that, but if so, I would hate to go through that. lol So maybe if she wants to I will try agian later, but I surely am not gonna push her. Hopefully I won't be still changing her diapers at 16. hahaha!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I didn't realize I was on a "sucks" mission. lol Everything sucks. lol Just had to apologize for using that word so much to refer tot hings. hahaha

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ITT Tech sucks!!

I am so sick of fooling with that school. C has been attending the campus school since last June, no problems except not being able to afford the gas to & from school & still get to work. He was told by an instructor that school was more important & he needed to do what he could to be there. What??? School is more important than a job to support your family, I don't think so. He told the instructor that HE was paying for it so if HE couldn't afford gas then HE would have to miss a class or 2. Well, he asked about going to totally online classes & was told that he could do it. After a few phone calls back & forth he was told all was taken care of & he was set for school online. Then he got a campus schedule. What about online? Turns out they make you fill out all of those papers all over again & send them to someone instead of faxing them to each other. Well, we got all of that & today & was online most of the day trying to figure out how to get the papers emailed to where you could read them. Finally did it & got an email saying that his credit app was denied. Well duh I could have told you that. It was denied when he enrolled at the campus too, but they said it didn't matter & got him enrolled anyway, somehow. Well now on the online one, he can't attend if it's not approved. UGH! I just wanna scream & ring someone's neck. So now, I could never recommend that school to anyone. They have proven over & over that they do not care about their students or their education they care about the almighty dollar, which is sad.

Fire sucks!!

So yesterday we were at my dads going through our things that are in storage. He was watching the girls for us & yelled for me to come watch them for a minute. A friend had come by & said that there was a police officer at our house because the ditch was on fire, so he & C came home. It wasn't too bad but it did start to go up the hill towards the house. Luckily the fire dept. came & got it put out with no problems. They said because of the location that it was probably someone who threw out a cigarette butt & caught the ditch on fire. Why would you do that?? I mean if you are gonna smoke in your car, it already stinks, so put the thing in the ashtray. That has always bothered me & now I am bothered more by it! Not to mention, as soon as they got our fire put out they had to go not 6 houses down to put out another ditch fire & it looks like it was started the same way, but luckily wasn't too bad(not nearly as bad as ours & ours wasn't bad. LOL) & it got put out fast. If they hadn't already been here it might have gotten out of control quicker. Oh yeah & thank God for the police officer that was on his way home & saw it & stopped & turned his lights on & called it in.

She's 2!!!!

Well, it's finally official. lol A is finally 2. Last night we had dinner & she had picked out a cheese cake with stawberries on top, so we had that for dessert. We put candles on top & she couldn't wait to blow them out. lol She really enjoyed it. I think she had a good day. She kept looking at everyone we saw all day & saying "birsday!" then when they asked how old she was she'd say, "I TWOOOOOO". Last night after we sang to her she got silly & started singing "happy birsday"to herself. lol I was so proud, she ate with a fork just like a big girl! I wasn't as blubbery as I thought I would be. hahaha. I tried to stay busy though,s o I think that helped alot. We will ahve A's party on Saturday where all of our family & friends will be coming. I know she will have alot of fun then too!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Random thoughts.....

Hahaha, that is the story of my life. Today is good so far. We got the cleaning done in a little over an hour! I was shocked it didn't take longer. Visted with Granny & now A is taking a nap & R is watching a movie. Whew! Quiet at last. I am at a loss right now. My baby will be 2 tomorrow. Today is the very last day that she will be 1 yr old. She is growing up so fast & it's not fair at all. I know, I know, it's life, deal with it. It still amkes me sad though. R is gonna be 4 in a few months & wow, I just don't know where the time has gone. My parent s are gonna be moving away in a couple more weeks & I don't know how I am gonna deal with the changes the girls will be going through. I know it will be so hard for them. THey are used to going to Gran & Grandad's house nearly every Friday night & spending the night & then seeing them again every Sunday & Wednesday for church. It's gonna be a tough transition. I know it can be done, but I know it will be emotional & I fold when emotional comes into play usually. Oh well, suck it up & deal with it. Sorry if I keep repeating that, I think it's my sublte way of trying to convince myself that I can do it. I have so much crap to do today & I don't wanna. Oh yeah, BTW, Dolly Parton rocks!! Ok,s o I normally don't care much for her, but she started a program for every kid from birth to age 5 that live in certain counties get a book a month. Well, I finally sigend the girls up for it & they got their first books today. We had to come right in & read it. I t was " The Little Engine that Could". Both girls just loved it! It's a really cool program too. I have been told that alot of the books they get are Dr Suess books. Hopefully they will get a few that they don't have.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fun, fun, fun

Yes, I am being sarcastic here. hahaha We went to my MIL's yesterday & wow. We got alot done, no thanks to her, but I guess it went well. Our goal was to clean out a storage building so that tomorrow it can be moved here since we are in need of one & she can't take it with her when she moves. Well, we went through a bunch of stuff & got rid of alot, BUT the blamed building is still full of boxes. We took everything out ourselves & finally at 1:30 she came outside to "help". All we heard was, "wow we can't get this all done in one day", over & over. I was so aggravated. Anyway, we got it all gone through & I guess we are gonna store a bunch of her crap in that building, meaning we won't have room for half of our stuff. Which I guess kinda defeats the purpose of getting the thing to start with, but whatever. I can't complain too much, she doesn't HAVE to give us the thing right? R was sick all day, but that was the last time we could do it so we had no choice. We decided to stay home today to hope she gets a little better.(we're usually at church right now) It's a good thing too, because I hurt in more places than I knew were possible. haha Even my toes hurt. lol So we are chilling out today & trying to get us all feeling better. I am gonna go clean for my MIL at her new home tomorrow which oughtta be fun since I can barely walk today. Fat + working like I did yesterday = lot's of pain. lol Not a good combo. haha I know, I know, I'll live. Hard work never hurt anyone. Oh yeah & it started raining just as we were finishing so my MIL went inside &we finished throwing stuff in the building & buring trash in the pouring rain!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Birthday dinner.....

Tonight went so well. The Mellow Mushroom was so packed, we had forgotten about the SEC basketball tournament being in town this week. DUH! So anyway, we drove on by & saw the Noshville Deli & decided to go there. It was soo good. We told the guy it was our first time there & he was so nice. I also told him we were there for A's birthday dinner. He kept walking by talking about how cute & sweet she was & kept telling her happy birthday. Well, when our dinner was almost finished he walked up & told her Happy Birthday again & sat a HUGE bowl of ice cream covered in whipped cream & chocolate syrup. Her eyes got big & she looked at me as if to say, "is this mine??" I loved it. She shared pretty good with all of us & I kicked myself for forgetting my camera. The picture of that little girl eating that big bowl of ice cream herself was so adorable & comical all at once. She went to bed talking about how she was gonna tell "Ganny" tomorrow about her "pecial birsday ice teem". R loved it too & we decided to make that our family tradition, go to Noshville Deli for a family birthday dinner before their birthdays. I thought it would be cool. So tomorrow we get to get up bright & early & go help my MIL get stuff ready for moving the storage building, then on Monday the girls & I are gonna go clean her new place so she can get moved in next week. She has been sick so I figured it was the least we could do. I should go to bed, but I am not even tired(thanks to a Starbucks coffee. LOL). I wish we had started this birthday tradition long ago because it was so fun!!!

Another day......

Well today is about like any other day so far. I never got an email back from S's mom s I just figured she had gotten my email & decided not to bring her. She will often just read the email & not respond saying why or ok. So anyway, at 7 this morning I got a phone call from her. She said that she just now got my email & told me when she had to work & when she could drop off S & if I could still watch her. I folded of course & said, that's fine, but did make sure to ask what time she would be picked up. Whew, maybe that email scared her & let her know I wasn't gonna take it anymore. I don't know but I hope so. haha, yeah right. Next Tuesday is A's 2nd birthday. Time has gone by so quickly. I know I will be an emotional wreck. We are having her party next Saturday. She asked for a "backpack" aka Dora party. Tonight we are gonna take her(& R of course) to the Mellow Mushroom for a birthday dinner. I hope it will be fun for her, I think it will. On Tuesday I think we are gonna have a mini party for A . Not much just us & any babies I will be watching(if any). I think we will just have cupcakes & maybe ice cream, but it will still be fun. We'll both babies are needing my attention right now, in addition to my girls so I had better tend to them, huh?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Quit taking advantage of me!

Ok,s o most of you who read this know that I babysit. One of the girls' mother absolutely drives me nuts. I think she is totally taking advantage of me because if she had to put her into a daycare she wouldn't get away with it. I rarely know when they are dropping her off & exactly when they are picking her up. I cannot continue like that. I also get emails from her like the night before(usually) she needs me & usually it's not asking me if I can watch her but that she needs me to. As if to say, I know you will so I am not gonna have the decency to ask. So, the last time she did that I fibbed & said I was busy. Well, Wed. night she emailed & said she would need me on Fridays. Great, not a problem, so I told her sure. Well, she emailed back & said "great! I'll see ya Friday". Ok, so I have been really busy with my MIL moving & helping her with that so I didn't' realize until about 4 that I had no idea when she was planning on dropping her off. So I emailed her & said "I need to know when you will be dropping S off tomorrow so I can be up & ready. Also I need to know when she will be picked up". Now this is all in our contract that she is to let me know when she will be dropped off & when she will be picked up,so I don't' think I am being unreasonable. Well, around 8:45 I looked at the email & there was nothing from her so I emailed her again. This time I said:"I need to know when you will be dropping S off tomorrow. I hate to be like this but if I don't' know by 11pm when she will be coming I will not be able to watch her." It sounds so mean, but I cannot stand the waiting around crap. I am a mom of 2 very energetic girls & need all of the sleep I can get, so I refuse to get up at 6am & wait til 8 for her when I could have gotten an extra hour & a half of sleep if she had only told me in the first place. Another thing, how do people function like that? I just don't get it. I mean I will call you if I told you I would be there at 7 & won't be there til 8. Not her, I end up sitting around & waiting til she shows up at 8 & says, my schedule changed. Well, excuse me but you have a phone & you have email, USE IT!!! I wish I only had the "balls" to come right out & say it, but that is what this blog is for , right?? LOL Ok, I am still frustrated but at least I got it all out. Now that I have this I don't have to gripe & complain to C constantly. hahahaI know he gets tired of hearing it.

How is it possible?

I can look at R & the way she makes up her own little songs to sing just makes me grin. She's a doll, but in the very next instance she does something that makes me wanna throttle her.(not that I EVER would) I jsut don't see how that is possible. A is the same way. She will do something & when I tell her not to do it she has this look & it just makes me giggle. I never knew being a mom would make me run through so many emotions all at once. It's physically exhausting at times, but sooo worth it.

Why do kids have ears?

I have asked this question before but I am at a loss. Why in the world do kids(or at least MY kids) have ears if they refuse to use them? I am so sick of saying the same thing 50 times. R will ask me for something & if I tell her no, she repeats the same question 5 or 10 more times. I guess it's in hopes that I will get tired of hearing it & give her what she wants. I must admit I HAVE done that but only a couple of times. I guess that's all it takes though, huh? It's so bad though that A is starting it too. She's almost 2 for goodness sakes, she shouldn't be having "hearing" problems yet. Oh well, it could be worse, at least I still have them. There are families that don't have, or have had their babies taken from them for whatever reason. I have to remind myself of that daily & sometimes even hourly. Ha I wish I had kept up with this blog thing long ago, it helps more than I thought it would.

Ex's suck!

So C's ex wife really just makes my blood boil. She's ok when she's on her medication. When she isn't she makes me crazy. Well she informed us that my stepson, P, is going to go out of the country this summer. She told me one place & C another so who knows. Well, that just ticks me off. He's going with someone we don't know but I do know that person has been in jail not long ago. Who says she is bringing him back. I just wanna slap her but cannot. I can't even stand to be around her. I have learned though that she cannot legally send him out of the country without a lot of stuff from C, so maybe he won't go. Doubtful though, she will do anything to get her way so she'll probably forge things to get it done. UGH! Why does she have to be so darn difficult. Deep breath I feel better now. haha

Make up your mind already!!

Ok, so my MIL is driving me nuts. I love her so much but I am so tired of waiting. She is moving & has told me that she needs our help. We said no problem, we'd do it, just let us know when. Well she told me last night this weekend. Ummm when this weekend. She is not sure. Well we are planning a 'family day' for A's 2nd birthday & I have finally decided that we will plan it anyway because I have never been given a definite time from her. Besides that she never even starts anything til after 2pm. Not much you can get done before dark that way, huh? UGH! She just makes me insane sometimes. BIL is a quad & she cares for him but gets him up when he wants & is not finished with that until after 2. I was supposed to be waiting for her to call me today & see if we are going to her house to help her clean a storage building out. Well, 2:30 came & no call so I came online(darn dial up) cause I was so tired of waiting.It's supposed to rain today anyway. Oh well, I cannot let her get me so worked up. I am just so tired of the indecisiveness(is that really a word??). Ok, so getting this out helped so much!